Inspiration Pulls

Sometimes I offer free “Inspiration Pulls” alongside paid-for intuitive readings as a bonus. Effective August 2019, I am also offering Inspiration Pulls for $1. Inspiration Pulls come from a variety of decks. Decks you may already be familiar with from my Intuitive Services that are also sometimes used for Inspiration Pulls are the Goddess Inspiration deck, the Moon deck, and the Mystic Rebel deck. Additionally, there are currently four other decks from which I offer Inspiration Pulls, which you can learn more about below. Inspiration Pulls do not include interpretation – these decks include text and are given as straight-forward guidance, or inspiration, for you to leave a reading with. As with any other reading, I will shuffle the deck you choose, cut the deck, and pull a card that I feel drawn to while thinking of you.

  • All $1 single-card Inspiration Pulls should be paid to$aaminahshakur
  • Please note that single card readings do not require an appointment or interaction, so they may take up to 24 hours to be sent. Please specify where you wish the reading to be sent (FB Messenger, IG Direct Message, email.)

Inspiration Pull Deck Options:

  • Goddess Inspiration Deck
  • The Moon Deck
  • Mystic Rebel Deck
  • Art Oracle Deck
  • Wisdom For Healing Deck (includes two photos, front and back)
  • The Universe Has Your Back Deck
  • Affirmators Deck
  • Postcards From Spirit Deck


Examples of front images of cards from the “Wisdom For Healing” deck. The card on the left says, “Live in the Moment” and the card on the right says, “Practice the Art of Transformation.”
Examples of the backsides of cards from the “Wisdom For Healing” deck. The left one says, “Today’s Lesson: On this day, strive to live in the moment. Only speak about positive things in your life, and avoid bringing up the past, especially negative memories or situations. Your goal: to experience how difficult it is to live in the present. Healing is rapidly enhanced when you’re focused in the now.” The right card says, “Today’s Lesson: Acknowledge one situation in your life that’s taking your power. Transform that situation into something positive, and maintain that perspective as a spiritual discipline for the entire day. When your spirit slips into negativity, simply breathe, and then pray your way back to an inner space of positive visualization. Your goal: to practice the art of transformation.”
Examples of cards from “The Universe Has Your Back” deck. The card on the left says, “When I lean on certainty and faith I change my mind about the world I see” and the card on the right says, “I witness the darkness and call on the light with my prayer: Thank you, Universe, for guiding me to perceive this fear through the eyes of the teacher of love.”
Examples of cards from the “Affirmators” deck. The card on the left says, “Generosity: I give generously to those around me, no matter how much (or how little) I have. I know there is more than enough to go around, and that the key is to allow it to keep going around without stopping. If I stop the flow, I’m like the one person at the stadium who doesn’t do the wave.” The card on the right says, “Inspiration: There is a voice of inspiration within me. Right now it’s only a whisper, but the more I listen, the louder it will get. Soon it will be a flawless speech, voiced by James Earl Jones, through a megaphone, with lots of applause.”
Examples of cards from the “Postcards From Spirit” deck. The top card says, “Dearest You, Do you ever wonder whether your ideas and inspiration might be coming through your soul rather than generated from your mind alone? We are here to tell you we are always whispering in your ear about your highest good. We are conduits for Spirit, letting you know you are a living channel for this awesome co-creative energy. When you’re feeling inspired it means you heard us! Inspiration means Spirit is breathing through you. Inspiration needs your human passion to keep it going so you can make a difference in the world. So keep moving on what inspires you. Let yourself be led into new experiences and know that this is why you are on the earth. Your purpose is to discover your spirited nature and to bring forth through your efforts whatever is meant to be. Wondrous miracles have a way of showing up when you let inspiration propel you forward. You are so, so loved!” The bottom card says, “Dear You, Uncertainty is the new normal for the whole world. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and the old ways we once trusted are no longer reliable. But leaving the familiar behind can be a good thing. When you are pushed to step into the Unknown, you are pulled forward into discovering new possibilities that have been hidden in plain sight. Check in with your Higher Power; your soul knows better than your small self. Have faith in the support of a Higher Power and the infinite potential for your life. Right now, the advice we have for you is this: try something new, do something different. You won’t know how it feels, what it looks like, or what the outcome will be if you do not take that first step into the Unknown and experience the unfamiliarity. You’ll be so glad you did because the treasure will appear. We’re so proud of you for being brave! You are so loved and so supported…”