Scheduling an Intuitive Reading Through Calendly

🧿 PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPOINTMENTS FOR INTUITIVE SERVICES MUST BE SCHEDULED THROUGH CALENDLY AS OF MARCH 14, 2022. I will no longer take appointment requests through DM or emails.

This is in light of widespread issues in the larger community of impersonator accounts across social media platforms who exploit intuitive and healer brand names by creating fake accounts and using our names with a slight variation in spelling or punctuation/hyphen/underscore, then DMing our followers offering services for pay. Please be aware that reputable providers will never reach out to you directly and tell you that the spirits or your ancestors have a message for you and demand you accept our services. This is a ploy to draw you in. Even if the initial offer is free, it is intended to convince you to spend money for additional services.


I am now requiring all scheduling of Intuitive Readings to be done through Calendly. This does not require clients (you) to have a Calendly account (though if you do it will integrate with your calendar also).

Please note that single card readings and water gazings are non-interactive, and non-interactive readings are an option for all other readings as well. If you prefer a non-interactive reading (i.e. you just want me to send you the reading without interacting directly with you) then no appointment is necessary at all, so please do not use the Calendly option.

Scheduling is for when you want an interactive reading, i.e. when we will be communicating live in real-time through a messaging app during the reading. Scheduling through Calendly is now required for all interactive multi-card readings. Please do not DM me to schedule these appointments. I will direct you back to my site and ask you to use Calendly. Links to schedule readings through Calendly appear next to the reading options and look like this:

[Image: Screenshot from the Intuitive Services page showing a portion of reading options, including the link to “Schedule via Calendly now” highlighted]

Below I am including screenshots of the Calendly scheduling process to show you how simple it is to schedule an appointment using it. This process was recently updated (8/2/2022), so you may notice it looks different if you have used the system prior to that.

Step 1:

[Image: Screenshot of the first screen of the Calendly site for a 90-minute reading appointment. This tells you that “Intuitive reading includes a full interpretation of the cards as well as photos of the cards. Payment must be made PRIOR to the reading beginning. Please answer all questions in the following steps in order to secure your appointment. Feel free to refer back to the website as needed to be sure you understand the terms of the reading. All readings are done by TEXT only – there are no phone or video call options.” A pink overlay used only for the purpose of this tutorial says to “read this information to familiarize yourself”. To the right is a calendar with August available dates highlighted and a pink circle around the 3rd for the purpose of this tutorial.]

This first step gives you some basic information about the readings and is also where you choose a date for your appointment. The blue dates are the dates when I have openings. The arrow in the upper right corner will take you to the next month.

Step 2:

[Image: Screenshot of the first screen in the Calendly site when you have clicked the link from my site. This is for the 90-minute reading. Once you have chosen a date, it will pop open my available times on that date to the far right. If you don’t like the times I am available, you can simply select a different date and check its times. In this case, I have selected the 10:00am time slot, and it then offers me a blue button to “Confirm” that time. You must click the “Confirm” button to move forward, or you can try other times if you’d like. From here you can toggle other dates still as well before you have confirmed.]

Once you have clicked on the date, the system will open up time slots that I am available on that date from which you can choose. If you don’t like the available times, you can choose another date to open up the available times for that date. Remember, you can also click the blue arrow in the upper right corner to move to the next month if you’re near the end of the month and need to see additional dates.

Step 3:

[Image: Screenshot of the final screen. On the far left top, it shows you that it is the 90-minute intuitive reading appointment, and that it is for an appointment that has been scheduled for August 3, 2022 at 10:00am. Now, on the right side is where you begin to fill in information where it says “Enter Details” and asks for name, email, location (with a list to select from), what specific deck & reading is requested (again a list to select from), and other questions. This is not the full page, and pink is used for the purpose of this tutorial to highlight the questions and also to provide an arrow and text saying to “scroll down”.]
[Image: Screenshot of the bottom half of the final screen of the 90-minute intuitive reading scheduling form. Below the question asking about what specific reading is being requested and listing the options to be chosen from, there is a question asking how you will be paying and listing the options, but also asking that you give your username so that I can recognize when your payment comes through. Pink text clarifies this is a required question. Below this is a question asking you to please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting, and pink text reminds this is not required. Below this is a blue button that says “Schedule Event” and pink text reminds “Don’t forget to hit this to complete your scheduling!”]

This is the last screen where you are giving me your information for scheduling the appointment. This step has multiple important parts, so I have broken them down below:

A) You are free to give me whatever name YOU feel comfortable using (I recommend that you use the name attached to the social media account you want me to send the reading to anyway, so it’s not confusing and I can find you!)

B) It does require a real email.

C) Now, here’s another SUPER IMPORTANT step: I need you to specify the deck and type of reading you want. This is a required question and you will not be able to complete scheduling if you do not answer this. Please only select ONE reading. Please do feel free to refer back to the website as needed to be sure you understand the reading you intended to select.

D) The next question is also extremely important and required that you respond in order to be able to complete the scheduling process. It asks you to specify what method you will be paying by (CashApp, Zelle, or Paypal) AND what name is on your pay account so that I can recognize it when the payment comes through and connect that it is associated with this appointment.

E) Finally, there is the option of providing me any other information you think is helpful for me to know in advance.

F) And, of course, do not forget to hit the blue “Schedule Event” button to complete the process and actually schedule your appointment. Thank you!

[Image: A bright pink rose in an outdoor setting with a few drops of rainwater still on its petals and on the leaves around it]

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