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My Own Self Published Zines:

Aug 2014 – Healing Spirits, Welcoming Returning Ancestors

Oct 2012 – Map of Tasmania: Documenting a Free Radicals Exhibit on Avenue for the Arts

Apr 2011 – Jewels for Survival Vol 3

Nov 2010 – Jewels for Survival Vol 2

July 2010 – Fear, Hope, & Justice: Remembering Those Lost, Protecting Our Future – a zine for which I accepted submissions, included my own work, and did the lay out

2009 – Jewels for Survival Vol 1

Zines I’ve Contributed To:

Oct 2011 – “Prescriptive Breastfeeding” in Outlaw Midwives Vol 3

Jan 2011 – “Stepping Out”, “What They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding” in Outlaw Midwives Vol 2

2010 – “Baby Clothing Tips For Poor Mamas”, “For My Son” in Outlaw Midwives Vol 1