Media (Interviews, Features, Profiles, Quotes, etc.)

May 2017 – Artist & Poet Aaminah Shakur: “You are worthy of the attention and love you shower on everyone else.” (Wear Your Voice Magazine) – Part of Lara Witt’s series on self-care means to women of color.

Mar 2017 – Roundtable-Post 45 Reactions (Poems & Numbers) – Just after the U.S. 2016 election results, I participated in an online roundtable discussion with some amazing people. This is our raw discussion.

Jan 2017 – Gallery Sneak Peek for US IS THEM at UICA with Exhibitions Curator Heather Duffy (Cultured.GR) – Link is to video on Facebook, shout-out given by Duffy for research done for the artist statements and extended statements discussing the work in text throughout the exhibition.

Jan 2017 – On Our Radar – Feminist News Roundup 1/20/17: Loretta Ross, Washington March, Enough Said (Bitch Media) – Includes link to article on Campus Sexual Violence at OTV Magazine

Jan 2017 – Dear Sister Contributor Aaminah Shakur Publishes New Article! (The Dear Sister Anthology site) – Provides link to article on Campus Sexual Violence at OTV Magazine

Nov 2016 – Some Thoughts on Giving Tuesday by Shannon Barber (Medium)

Aug 2016 – Grand Rapids Trans Foundation Awards First Scholarship (The Rapidian)

Jul 2016 – Melania Trump, Pt. 2 by Elle, PhD (southern (b)elle) – After reading Elle’s post, you can read my full statement on the issue on my blog here.

Apr 2016 – It’s Over, by Aaminah Shakur read by Sumayyah Talibah (Soundcloud) Audio Post

Feb 2016 – ‘You Will Be Tokenized’: Speaking Out About the State of Diversity in Publishing by Molly McArdle (Brooklyn Magazine) – Mentioned in P.E. Garcia’s response (image below).


Jan 2016 – I Spent Five Days Looking Up Ways to Kill Myself by Shareen Mansfield (OTV Magazine) – Artwork “We Daily Make Our Path Forward” featured

Nov 2015 – Stand United or Fall Divided by Shareen Mansfield (OTV Magazine) – Artwork “Hope” featured

Aug 2015 – Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets (Part 2) curated by Amy King (Poetry Foundation)

Jul 2015 – Here Are 8 People’s Stories About Coming Out To Their Grandparents by Andrea Garcia-Vargas (Slant)

May 2015 – KCAD Daily shares my Hyperallergic article “Who Are the Rightful Owners of Artifacts of Oppression” with its readership of all Kendall College of Art & Design students and faculty

Mar 2015 – I Wore Jennifer Baumgardner’s ‘I Was Raped’ Shirt In Public by Allison McCarthy (xoJane)

Feb 2015 – Culture & Community: Do Pagan Bloggers Help to Shape Pagan Culture? by Crystal Blanton (The Wild Hunt)

Dec 2014 – Treasures Found in Shopping Small by Brooke Benoit

Nov 2014 – The Other Side of Ebola: Ooga Booga Journalism by Mai’a Williams (TeleSur English)

Aug 2014 – Women on Their Favorite Tools by Brooke Benoit (The Toast)

Aug 2014 – OITNB star visits Kara Walker’s exhibit, misses point: some notes for our fellow white queers by Cordelia Nailong & Emma Shakarshy (Disrupting Dinner Parties: Feminism for Everyone)

Apr 2014 – Art.Downtown & Avenue for the Arts (WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin) Audio Post

Nov 2012 – Aaminah Shakur on Electric Poetry with Olive (WYCE Radio) Audio Post

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