Intuitive Services

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Intuitive Services Offered:

Gift certificates are available for readings. Please email to arrange purchase of a gift certificate. You will be directed how to pay and the gift certificate will be emailed to the receiver with a note specifying it is a gift from you, or can be emailed to you to print & present in person if you prefer. See “Rates” below.

Readings must be paid in full prior to beginning of the reading. There are no refunds once a reading begins. Should a situation arise in which you need to reschedule after paying, you will have a credit for the reschedule.

See full descriptions & rates below. 

***Read what other clients have said about these readings***

Rates & Options

*All readings include a photo of the card(s) selected. In the case of multiple card readings, you will receive individual images for each card as well as a photo of the full spread.*

$5 Single Card Readings

  • Available from the Art Oracle deck, Goddess Inspiration deck, Rana George Lenormand deck, or Moon Deck.
  • All $5 single-card readings should be paid to$aaminahshakur

Goddess Inspiration Deck Intuitive Readings

  • 4-card reading & interpretation / 1 hour consultation = $35 (past, present, future, wrap-up/contextualize)

Simple Tarot Deck Intuitive Readings

  • 4-card reading & interpretation / 30 minute consultation = $25 (what’s at hand/the underlying situation, past influences on the situation, ponder this/something to consider, what to do/next possible steps)

Golden Tarot Deck Intuitive Readings

  • 3-card reading & interpretation / 30 minute consultation = $25 (past, present, future)
  • Q&A 5-card reading & interpretation / 1 hour consultation = $45 (minimal analysis of a given situation, you should feel at the end prepared to make a yes/no decision based on the reading)
  • Golden Star 6-card reading & interpretation / 1 hour consultation = $50 (more analysis than Q&A, allows you to more thoroughly contextualize the situation.)
  • Celtic Cross 10-card reading & interpretation / 90-minute consultation = $80 (A traditional, and more expansive, spread that analyzes past, present, and future possibilities, providing more context for larger issues or broad guidance.)

All Intuitive Readings & Interpretations are available:

  • In person by appointment
  • Text-based Remote/long-distance (via Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Google Hangouts, Twitter DM, or email) by appointment 
  • Readings are typically interactive, but if you don’t have time or want to interact, that is ok. I will have to ask you to provide the question or area you need focused in on, and then I can do the reading and send it to you so that you can read it at your convenience.
  • Please note, standard phone calls are NOT an option. Video calls are also not an option at this time.

Payable via:

  • Paypal at (can be used to pay by credit/debit whether you have a Paypal account or not) OR to via your Paypal account (Paypal is preferred payment method.)
  • SquareCash at$aaminahshakur (can be used to pay by credit/debit.)
  • Cash (in person only)

Readings must be paid in full prior to beginning of the reading. There are no refunds once a reading begins. Should a situation arise in which you need to reschedule after paying, you will have a credit for the reschedule.

Contact: Aaminah Shakur

When contacting for an appointment, please specify: 1. exactly what kind of reading you would like so I can block sufficient time for you, 2. what type of remote access you prefer (FB Messenger, IG DM, Google Hangouts, etc.), and 3. what method you intend to pay with.


What is an “intuitive reading”?

An intuitive reading only means that I am going to explain the significance of the cards chosen in terms of what those archetypes represent, while also interpreting what that significance *might* mean to your individual life based on my own intuition while working with you. While you should come with a specific question or concern and let me know what that is to help direct which information I hone in on, I do not need to know your entire (his)story unless you choose to tell it. You are welcome to give me as much information as you feel comfortable divulging, and I may need to ask a series of clarifying questions throughout the reading. My intuition guides what I think you need to “hear” from the cards chosen, but it remains up to you to determine how to use that information. Because it is intuition-based knowledge, I do not promise that what I say will resonate immediately with you, but I do believe that if you absorb the information and continue to reflect on it, you will eventually understand the message that was meant for you. It is not my practice to tell you what you should do or how to solve any issues you may have. What the reading and my interpretation offers you is insight into the answers and strengths that already lie within you so that you can tap into them to find the answers to your questions.

Why can’t you just tell me what I should do?

My skill set is not as a medium or fortune teller. What I offer with an intuitive reading is not a straight-forward “this is what your future holds.” I believe we all create our own future, and that our futures hold endless possibilities and opportunities to change them. The cards provide a basic context around an issue you are seeking insight into. I provide you the context – based on what the card itself symbolizes – but this is still open to interpretation and requires further context to determine how it is relevant. After explaining the general symbolism of the card, I provide an interpretation based on what information the card is giving me intuitively. This part of the reading is quite difficult to explain, because it is tapping into a deeper force than my own conscious mind – this is the deeper spiritual work. However, I do not control access to that deeper force and cannot make demands of it – it shows me what I am meant to see and what I am capable of explaining to you. These readings do not provide linear or simplistic “yes/no” or “do this/don’t do that” answers and I cannot predict your future. What they do is tap into a primal and instinctual energy that allows me to provide you with some clearer options, insight into potential obstacles/risks you should watch out for, and encouragement towards a resolution or outcome, while reminding you of the strengths you carry within yourself and need to tap into as you move forward and shape your future for yourself.

What is the difference between a Goddess Inspiration reading, a Simple Tarot reading, and a Golden Tarot reading?

The Goddess Inspiration deck offers a 4-card reading inspired by goddesses from a variety of world cultures. The reading is a past/present/future/wrap-up style. Each card includes the name of a “goddess” and some information about what she represents, what strengths she is known for, and associated symbolism. The idea behind this reading is to tap into the characteristics you have within yourself and needed to be reminded of or inspired by. During the reading, I will interpret each card individually and in how they relate to each other, so the reading builds upon previous cards as we move along.

2016-06-09 18.57.18-1
Example of a Goddess Inspiration deck reading – here you see four of the goddess cards

Simple Tarot deck readings are a 4-card reading based on a standard tarot arcana. Because it is a simplified version, I offer a shorter/less expensive consultation option. The Simple Tarot reading is based on a pattern where the cards represent what’s at hand/the underlying situation, past influences on the situation, ponder this/something to consider, what to do/next possible steps. Like the Goddess Inspiration deck, this type of reading is offered as guidance rather than a clear cut set of instructions. This is a less extensive reading than what is offered with the Golden Tarot. The cards provide an overview of your situation and encourage you to take charge of your path forward. I will interpret each card individually, though the clarity of cards can be impacted as each is turned to offer additional context to the previous cards and overall context of your question.

An example of a Simple Tarot deck reading

Golden Tarot deck readings vary, depending on the type of reading (spread) chosen (see above) but utilize a standard tarot deck with the usual arcana. Again, they provide guidance and help you to tap into your innate knowledge and skills needed to help you address the situation you are concerned about. They do not provide a straight-forward “this is what you should do” but help to clarify your options and warn of some potential obstacles you should be aware of. During the reading, I will interpret each card individually and in how they relate to each other, so the reading builds upon previous cards as we move along. Some spreads are more extensive and can answer more complex questions, and additional cards offer more information to help guide you.

2016-06-13 20.28.37-1
A few of the cards from the Golden Tarot deck

What is a single card reading?

Single card readings are offered from the Art Oracle deck, the Goddess Inspiration deck, the Rana George Lenormand deck, or the Moon Deck. As with all other readings, you receive a photo of the card so you can refer back to it. These readings do not require interaction and can be sent to you anytime (generally I will send readings for all requests made that day in the late evening) via FB Message, email, or IG message.

The Goddess Inspiration deck reading is as above, except that it is one card intended to give you immediate inspiration/guidance.  (See image of Goddess Inspiration deck cards above, and descriptions/photos of the other decks below.)

An Art Oracle deck single card reading features a card from the Art Oracle deck (below). This deck features a variety of artists and offers guidance based on that artist’s life and themes of their art. Each card gives a small piece of guidance for your life, your work, and inspiration, and my interpretation explains the context of that advice and how you might apply it to your needs. (See image of cards below.)

Example of cards from the Art Oracle deck

The Rana George Lenormand deck (below) uses a different system. The cards are numbered and also follow the standard playing card suites. Cards include Sun, Moon, Bed, Incense Burner, Market, Spirit, Lillies, Woman, Bear, Stork, Heart, Letter, Ring, Crossroads, and much more. (See image of cards below.)

Example of cards from the Rana George Lenormand deck

The Moon Deck (below) is similar to the Goddess Inspiration deck, except that it does not use goddesses. Instead, each card offers a short piece of inspiration/advice, something akin to a mantra that you might use. Each one card pull from this deck also includes a brief interpretation that can help you figure out how you may apply it to your current needs

Examples of cards from the Moon Deck

Can I trust that my personal business isn’t being shared with others?

Yes. Although there is no way for me to “prove” to you that your secrets are safe with me, they absolutely are. I am not a therapist or life coach, merely an intuitive reader, but I take this work very serious and your privacy very serious. I do not name my clients to anyone (though if you ever feel compelled to give a testimonial I can include on this site, I am happy to do so – and happy to post it anonymously if you prefer), and I do not discuss ANYTHING about your reading with anyone else. Anything said during our appointments is sacred and completely private. This includes any information you share, what cards came up, and anything related to interpretation for you. Everything about our appointment is bound in confidentiality.

What do previous/current clients say about your services?

You can read testimonials/statements from previous clients. The page will be updated as more statements are offered. If you have used my services and would like to contribute a statement, please email it to me, along with exactly how you prefer to be identified (full name, first name, initials, anonymous, etc.) at

What are the guarantees you offer? 

I can only promise you:

  • I will be honest with you about what I see. I am not going to lie to you, give you only comforting words, or hide warnings that I see in the cards. I have a responsibility to speak truthfully to you.
  • I will not tell you what you should do or manipulate you into taking any action. Your decisions for how to use the information I provide are entirely your own.
  • I will hold your emotions in a sacred space, where you are free to express yourself (in non-abusive ways) and be vulnerable if you choose to.
  • Your identity, contact information, and everything related to services I provided to you will be held in confidence.

I can NOT promise you:

  • That you will agree with my interpretation.
  • That you will get a clear-cut answer that tells you exactly what action to take, how, and when.
  • That you will get the answer you wanted to hear.
  • That you will find the reading relevant, especially if you came in with an intent to get confirmation of what you want and the answer is not what you wanted to hear.
  • That I won’t see and have insight into areas you hadn’t intended to ask about. I do not have control over the force that provides me information.
  • That you will like anything I have to share with you.
  • That the decisions you take based on the information I provide will always be entirely successful or get you the result you hoped for.

In short, the only guarantee is that I will behave according to a code of ethics and integrity with you.


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