Intuitive Services

My intuitive services might also be thought of as your own guided personal empowerment session.

Through a combination of a wealth of personal life experience, extensive reading, having studied symbolism/archetypes and visual/spiritual cultures, and cultivated my own intuition, I use the cards as jumping-off points to provide a base from which to offer you insights, guidance, and most importantly, safe and affirming support.

I am not a trained therapist, nor do I consider myself a “life coach” or similar. I am also not “clergy” of any kind. What I am is someone who has spent a lifetime learning how to “hear” the energies and “spirits” around us, how to listen to my inner intuition (which is a gift we all possess; I have merely worked hard to be able to access mine through all the outside chatter). This is often called “magic” or witchcraft, and if that is how you need to engage with it I am in no way offended. Others refer to it as “talking to angels” or other “positive” and “light” work. None of those things is how I think of what I do if I’m honest, but I affirm you where you are. I know that I am not consorting with devils or gods. I am, sincerely, only tapping into a gift and connectedness that exists within humans and has been shut down by culture, religion, the patriarchy, fear of the unknown and currently unexplainable, etc. and applying real-world knowledge with a bit of human psychology, thoughtful listening, and inspiration. It is neither evil nor based on toxic positivity culture.

My services allow you to explore your feelings, struggles, and more to find the answer that your innermost spirit already knows but needs to be reminded of. You are given access to beautiful images that may inspire you, give you something to meditate upon, and/or open up your creative brain. You receive soothing, kind, words from me to accompany the images and that explain visual clues to help you understand it at a deeper level. It is always my goal for you to leave a session with me feeling empowered and having found the tools and answers that already exist within your own self to help you deal with life in a good way. 

🧿 Testimonials from Clients   

🧿 A Tutorial on Scheduling Through Calendly

🧿 Some Quick & Dirty Graphics That Explain My Services

Intuitive Services Offered:

🧿 Intuitive readings via a variety of card decks – prices range from single card readings to various multi-card readings; see options & rates below

🧿 Additional $10 service fee for me to select deck & type of reading (except for single card readings)

🧿 Water Gazing – $100, see details about water gazing in FAQs below

Readings must be paid in full prior to beginning of the reading. Payment is non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule after payment has been made, you will have a full credit for rescheduling your reading. A second cancellation incurs a $10 fee which must be paid in order to reschedule again.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPOINTMENTS FOR INTUITIVE SERVICES MUST BE SCHEDULED THROUGH CALENDLY AS OF MARCH 14, 2022. I will no longer take appointment requests through DMs or emails. This is in light of widespread issues in the larger community of impersonator accounts across social media platforms who exploit intuitive and healer brand names by creating fake accounts using our names with a slight variation in spelling or punctuation/hyphen/underscore then DMing our followers offering services for pay. Please be aware that reputable providers will never reach out to you directly and tell you that the spirits or your ancestors have a message for you and demand you accept our services. This is a ploy to draw you in. Even if the initial offer is free, it is intended to convince you to spend money for additional services.

🧿 Contact: Aaminah Shakur

All scheduling of interactive appointments by Calendly, see links next to each reading option (more information on scheduling is also available in the FAQ section)

🧿 Intuitive Reading Deck Options

  • All readings include a photo of the card(s) selected. In the case of multiple card readings, you will receive individual images for each card as well as a photo of the full spread.
  • All readings are offered by TEXT only (there is no audio/video option). This is partially due to my own access needs, and partially because I have found that most clients actually appreciate having something to refer back to again later, and you not having to scribble notes allows you to be fully present for the reading. 
  • Readings can be interactive or non-interactive. Interactive readings require an appointment to block time & simply mean you will participate & be “present” in the text-based “chat” to communicate/respond as much or as little as you wish during the reading. Non-interactive readings do not require an appointment & mean that you opt to not be present, so I will send the reading to you within 24 hours of payment & we will not interact during it or have a response/conversation about the reading. Single card readings and water gazings are always non-interactive, but any other reading can be non-interactive if you wish – just let me know. Water gazings are sent within 7 days, as they do require more preparation on my part. Please see the FAQs for a more thorough explanation of what happens in a reading. 

🧿 Payment

  • Must be made prior to the reading beginning. Payment is non-refundable. If you need to cancel an appointment, you will have a full credit to reschedule. A second cancellation incurs a $10 fee which must be paid in order to reschedule again.
  • Payment is accepted by the following methods & please use “Read to Me” in the “memo” or note section of the app. Please also let me know when scheduling which pay app you are paying by & what NAME you use on your app so I can connect payment to the appointment.
  • CashApp to $aaminahshakur (all single card readings should be paid this way, so as to ensure no fees are incurred on my end for such a tiny payment, please)
  • Zelle to
  • PayPal to or @ShakurArts
  • Please note, for multi-card readings, if you do not specify both the DECK and the specific TYPE of reading based on the listed offerings, there is an additional $10 fee for me to select for you. This additional fee does NOT apply to single card readings. 


🧿 $7 Single Card Readings 

  • If you would like for me to intuitively select a deck for your single card reading, please let me know. There is no additional fee for this for single card readings.
  • All $7 single-card readings should be paid to $aaminahshakur via CashApp
  • Please just write “Read to me” in the memo when sending payment
  • Please message me on the platform you would like me to send the reading to & let me know your deck choice, the question/area you’d like me to focus on (if any, you aren’t required to have a question – please be aware, it is a single card & can only answer one question OR one area of focus; if you have multiple questions, you should ask for multiple readings; if you require a more in-depth reading for complex questions, please see the multi-card readings offered below that you can choose from), & your CashApp user name so I can connect the payment to you
  • Please note that single card readings do not require an appointment or interaction, so they may take up to 24 hours to be sent (I will let you know if I need more time due to other obligations)
  • Readings include a photo of the card and a text interpretation



Multi-Card Intuitive Readings

  • All readings include photos of the cards, both individual as the reading progresses, and a final photo of the spread together
  • All readings are TEXT only and include text interpretation
  • Non-interactive readings will be sent within 24 hours of payment being received and do not afford you any follow-up questions or conversation
  • Interactive readings require an appointment through Calendly and allow you the opportunity to have a conversation throughout the reading, via text

*Please note, the scheduling links next to the readings below are based on the TIME needed for that type of reading but do NOT correspond to the deck/type of reading. PLEASE REVIEW THE TUTORIAL IF YOU HAVE NOT SCHEDULED A READING WITH ME THROUGH CALENDLY BEFORE TO ENSURE YOU DO IT CORRECTLY. YOU ONLY NEED TO SCHEDULE WITH CALENDLY IF YOU WANT AN INTERACTIVE READING.

If you want a non-interactive reading (where I just send you the reading with no conversation), you can just contact me via the method/platform where you would like the reading sent (see “Contact” options above or in FAQ section.)

🧿 Goddess Inspiration Oracle & Moon Deck Oracle Intuitive Readings

  • Goddess Inspiration Or Moon Deck4-card reading & interpretation / 1 hour consultation = $35 (past, present, future, wrap-up/contextualize) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Moon Deck 5-card reading & interpretation / 1-hour consultation =$45 (Self-Care spread – Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Next Steps + bonus 1-card pull from The Universe Has Your Back) Schedule via Calendly now

The Goddess Inspiration deck offers a 4-card reading inspired by goddesses from a variety of world cultures. The reading is a past/present/future/wrap-up style. Each card includes the name of a “goddess” and some information about what she represents, what strengths she is known for, and associated symbolism. The idea behind this reading is to tap into the characteristics you have within yourself and needed to be reminded of or inspired by. During the reading, I will interpret each card individually and in how they relate to each other, so the reading builds upon previous cards as we move along.

2016-06-09 18.57.18-1
Example of cards from the Goddess Inspiration deck

The Moon Deck offers beautiful artwork and advice/mantras to address various questions you may have. There is a 4-card past/present/future/wrap-up offering and a 5-card Self-Care spread. The cards provide guidance and help you to tap into your innate knowledge and skills needed to help you address the situation you are concerned about. If you request a multi-card reading I will interpret each card individually as they answer specific elements of your questions, as well as how they relate to each other, so the reading may build upon previous cards as we move along.

Moon Deck & Universe
Examples of some cards from the Moon Deck (the fourth card is a single card pull from The Universe Has Your Back)


🧿 Neo Tarot Self-Care & Light Seer’s Tarot Intuitive Readings

  • Various 3-card reading & interpretations / 30 minute consultation = $25 (Select from: past, present, future; OR mind, body, spirit; OR strengths, weaknesses, advice) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Self Care Pyramid 6-card reading & interpretation /1-hour consultation = $55 (your current state of mind, self-care strategy to try, what might be stopping you, how to address this, benefit of addressing it, how you’ll thrive) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Neo Tarot Self-Care Care & Healing 10-card reading & interpretation / 90-minute consultation = $95 (A simple but thorough reading where you are offered ten cards with detailed messages of self-care and healing you need to address + bonus 1-card pull from Mystic Rebel Oracle deck) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Light Seer’s Tarot Understanding My Path 10-Card reading & interpretation / 90-minute consultation = $95 (An expansive spread that analyzes your current state, your strengths, your potentials/options, what attitudes or fears have held you back, who or what stands in your way, what you need to shift, what you need to seek out, surrounding energies you need to tap into or strengthen, hopes & dreams, and the potential outcome + bonus 1-card pull from Mystic Rebel Oracle deck) Schedule via Calendly now

The Neo Tarot Self-Care deck features brightly colored highly stylized contemporary art and readings are built around aspects of and advice for self-care. The three-card reading offers some additional options to the traditional past/present/future readings, and the expanded readings offer advice and support for the care you need to address life and issues while respecting your own boundaries, health, and needs.

20191129_124610 (1)
Examples of cards from the Neo Tarot Self-Care deck. This shows the Eight of Cups, the Nine of Cups, the Queen of Swords, The Star, and the Knight of Pentacles.

The Light Seer’s Tarot deck also features contemporary art, but it is more of a “realism” style of illustration than the Neo Tarot deck. The figures throughout the deck are multi-ethnic, and there are many references to nature and various cultures as well. The deck considers the arcana as “light” and “shadow” interpretations, and the deck offers illumination into your life and questions.

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 5.38.12 PM
Examples of cards from the Light Seer’s Tarot deck. This shows The Fool, the Ace of Cups, and the Seven of Cups.


🧿 Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck Intuitive Readings 

  • Personal Development 3-card reading & interpretation / 30 minute consultation = $25 (past, present, future) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Unlocking Abundance 3-card reading & interpretation / 30 minute consultation = $25 (Old beliefs/blocks, New beliefs/support needed, Advice to attract abundance) Schedule via Calendly now
  • What the Hell is Going On? 5-card reading & interpretation / 1 hour consultation = $45 (Overall theme or situation, What is in alignment, What is out of alignment, What info is needed, What action can be taken) Schedule via Calendly now
  • What Your Guides Want You to Know 6-card reading & interpretation / 1 hour consultation = $55 (Overall theme of the reading, Hidden blessing, Advice to move forward, Obstacle to overcome, Solution to help overcome obstacles, Expectation going forward + bonus 1-card pull from Mystic Rebel Crystals Deck) Schedule via Calendly now

Mystic Rebel Oracle readings vary depending on the type of reading (spread) chosen . They use an inspiration/oracle deck with multi-racial/ethnic contemporary imagery. The Mystic Oracle deck is said to help you connect with your spirit guides (in some traditions they are known as your ancestors, in others your angels, etc. I use the term spirit guides so that you are free to recognize them as your own guides within your own tradition) and receive wisdom. As with the other types of readings, the cards provide guidance and help you to tap into your innate knowledge and skills needed to help you address the situation you are concerned about. Again, I do not tell you a clear “do this” with these readings, though sometimes the cards do have pretty direct do/don’t messages to guide you towards your highest good or away from danger. During the reading, I will interpret each card individually as they answer specific elements of your questions, as well as how they relate to each other, so the reading may build upon previous cards as we move along. Some spreads are more extensive and can answer more complex questions, and additional cards offer more information to help guide you.

Mystic Rebel Deck
Example of cards in the Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck
Examples of cards in the Mystic Rebel Crystals deck


🧿 Literary Witches Oracle Deck Intuitive Readings

  • Traditional 3-card reading & interpretation / 30 minute consultation = $25 (past, present, future) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Creative’s Inspiration 4-card reading & interpretation, comes with bonus single card reading from Art Oracle deck / 1 hour consultation = $40 (Overall theme or situation in your creative life, Blockages/Attitudes you need to be aware of, Gifts you need to unlock, Action/Moving Forward) Schedule via Calendly now

The Literary Witches Oracle deck (below) offers cards either depicting a woman literary figure (such as Emily Dickinson, Eileen Chang, Audre Lorde, or Mirabai) or depicting archetypal images (such as a doll, the eye, a skull, a tree, or a wolf). There are two types of readings that are very similar to other decks. The first is a simple 3-card Past/Present/Future reading. The second is a more detailed and extensive reading that is perfect for Creatives (writers, artists, poets, etc.) who trying to tap into their creativity. This second reading is 4 cards plus an additional bonus single card reading from the Art Oracle deck. The Creative’s Inspiration 4-card reading & interpretation, offers cards in a mix of the literary figure and archetypal images to provide answers to the Overall theme or situation in your creative life, Blockages/Attitudes you need to be aware of, Gifts you need to unlock, Action you can take/Moving Forward. Cards are interpreted in both types of readings individually and in how they interact with or build upon each other. As with the other types of readings, the cards provide guidance and help you to tap into your innate knowledge and skills needed to help you address the situation you are concerned about.

An example of the cards in the Literary Witches Oracle deck. These cards are Anna Akhmatova (Endurance), Octavia Butler (The Future), the Eel, and the Eye.
Example of cards from the Art Oracle deck


🧿 Crow Tarot & Urban Crow Oracle Intuitive Readings

  • Crow Tarot Or Urban Crow Oracle 3-card reading & interpretation / 30-minute consultation = $25 (past, present, future) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Urban Crow Oracle 3-card reading & interpretation / 30-minute consultation = $25 (strengths, weaknesses, advice) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Crow Tarot Q&A 5-card reading & interpretation / 1-hour consultation = $45 (situation, action you can take, obstacles/challenges, potential outcome, potential effects/impacts) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Crow Tarot Golden Star 6-card reading & interpretation / 1-hour consultation = $55 (heart of the matter, present situation/issue, known desires, hidden factors, possible obstacles/attitudes impacting the situation, potential outcome) Schedule via Calendly now
  • Urban Crow Oracle What Your Guides Want You to Know 6-card reading & interpretation / 1-hour consultation = $55 (Overall theme of the reading, Hidden blessing, Advice to move forward, Obstacle to overcome, Solution to help overcome obstacles, Expectation going forward) Schedule via Calendly now

The Crow Tarot and Urban Crow Oracle decks both reference the inspiration and symbolism of the wisdom of the crow, some of the most intelligent and mystical birds known to regularly communicate with humans. The artwork and decks are created by MJ Cullinane and you can learn more about them on her website as well.

Four tarot cards laying on a blue cloth with a row of multi colored beads above them.
Example of cards from the Crow Tarot deck. These cards are the Four of Cups, the Page of Wands, the Two of Swords, and the Knight of Cups.
Three cards from an oracle deck, each featuring crows, laid upon a blue cloth with a row of multi-colored beads above the cards.
Example of some cards from the Urban Crow Oracle deck. These are labeled as “Direction,” “Survival,” and “Gifts.”


🧿 Rana George Lenormand Oracle Intuitive Readings

The Lenormand system works a little differently from other oracle decks. With this type of reading you do not get a past/present/future reading or other similar types of readings. The cards are directly connected and tell a “story” together, so the cards must be read in conjunction with each other. While there is some interpretation of the basic symbology of the individual cards, it is only in their placement within the reading and interaction with each other that their true meaning is properly understood and fully interpreted. The cards together “add up” to a full message, so for example, the cards shown below would be offered to the client as “Garden + Mice + Bouquet,” then interpreted in relationship to each other and specific to the exact question that was asked by the client. This particular deck was designed by renowned reader Rana George, with artwork by Callie French, to highlight George’s Lebanese and Andalusian heritages and draw from cultural touchstones and memories dear to her. It is, therefore, a bit of a colorful and romantic deck that appealed to my own Muslim cultural tastes.

A blue linen background with gold design print. A blue and gold beaded stretch bracelet is in the upper left corner. A blue Nazar bead bracelet is in the upper right corner with a small turquoise stone in the center of it. A small purple crystal/stone is set in the middle between the two bracelets. Below the bracelets are three cards. The first depicts a garden with the number 20 and the 8 of spades from a traditional suit of cards.. The second depicts a table of food with mice on it, the number 23, and 7 of clubs from a traditional suit of cards. The third depicts a bouquet of red and white flowers, the number 9, and the Queen of spades from a traditional suit of cards.
Examples of Rana George Lenormand Cards. These are the Garden (20), Mice (23), and Bouquet (9) cards.


🧿 FAQs  🧿

What is an “intuitive reading”?

An intuitive reading only means that I am going to explain the significance of the cards chosen in terms of what those archetypes represent, while also interpreting what that significance *might* mean to your individual life based on my own intuition while working with you. While you should come with a specific question or concern and let me know what that is to help direct which information I hone in on, I do not need to know your entire (his)story unless you choose to tell it. You are welcome to give me as much information as you feel comfortable divulging, and I may need to ask a series of clarifying questions throughout the reading. My intuition guides what I think you need to “hear” from the cards chosen, but it remains up to you to determine how to use that information. Because it is intuition-based knowledge, I do not promise that what I say will resonate immediately with you, but I do believe that if you absorb the information and continue to reflect on it, you will eventually understand the message that was meant for you. It is not my practice to tell you what you should do or how to solve any issues you may have. What the reading and my interpretation offers you is insight into the answers and strengths that already lie within you so that you can tap into them to find the answers to your questions.

What happens in an intuitive reading? 

Readings can be two different ways: 1. Highly interactive – you make an appointment with me to set time aside for you; we chat by TEXT through FB Messenger, IG message, Google Chat, Twitter message, or Discord message throughout the reading. This allows you to share insights, commentary, and details as much (or as little) as you may desire. This method helps you to “talk through” and process the reading so that the interpretation has more detail to contextualize it and can be better honed in to your need, and if you are someone who needs a “safe place” to feel heard or who needs to be able to “verbally process” it can be really helpful for you. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable – everything remains completely confidential, and you are under no obligation to share or respond to the reading. 2. No interaction/no appointment necessary – you arrange the reading and tell me what question or area you need focused on, and then I send the reading without any conversation between us. This is nice if you lack time for a conversation or if you simply don’t feel comfortable with the interactive component (no judgment!) This does not afford you the option of a later conversation/response or clarifying questions about the reading either, however. Both of these are valid reading options and you are welcome to request either method!!! When you set up the reading, you let me know where you want me to send the reading. Non-interactive readings are also text-based, so sent by message (Facebook Messenger, IG message, Google Chat, Discord message, and for this email is also an option). Whether a reading is interactive or non-interactive, it will be text-based and you receive images of the cards themselves, individual cards and the spread as a whole. I will also send written explanation of the symbology of the card and interpretation of the cards and how they function individually and combined together to form a full reading in relation to your question/area of concern. Depending on the deck and the type of reading, the placement of cards may have specific “roles” (for example: in a past/present/future reading, the first card represents your past, the second your present, the third your future) and this will also be explained.

Why can’t you just tell me what I should do?

My skill set is not as a medium or fortune teller. What I offer with an intuitive reading is not a straight-forward “this is what your future holds.” I believe we all create our own future, and that our futures hold endless possibilities and opportunities to change them. The cards provide a basic context around an issue you are seeking insight into. I provide you the context – based on what the card itself symbolizes – but this is still open to interpretation and requires further context to determine how it is relevant. After explaining the general symbolism of the card, its placement within the reading itself (its relation to other cards, what type of reading you’ve chosen) etc., I provide an interpretation based on what information the card is giving me intuitively. This part of the reading is quite difficult to explain, because it is tapping into a deeper force than my own conscious mind – this is the deeper spiritual work. However, I do not control access to that deeper force and cannot make demands of it – it shows me what I am meant to see and what I am capable of explaining to you. These readings do not provide linear or simplistic “yes/no” or “do this/don’t do that” answers and I cannot predict your future. What they do is tap into a primal and instinctual energy that allows me to provide you with some clearer options, insight into potential obstacles/risks you should watch out for, and encouragement towards a resolution or outcome, while reminding you of the strengths you carry within yourself and need to tap into as you move forward and shape your future for yourself.

What is a single card reading?

Single card readings are offered from the Animal Spirits Knowledge deck, Archetype Cards, Art Oracle deck, The Divine Energy Oracle, Earth Magic Oracle deck, Goddess Inspiration Oracle deck, Literary Witches Oracle deckMoon Deck, Mystic Rebel Oracle deck, Mystic Rebel Crystal deck, Neo Tarot deck, Path of the Soul Destiny deck, Spiritsong Tarot deck , Light Seer’s Tarot deck, Crow Tarot deck, Urban Crow Oracle deck . As with all other readings, you receive a photo of the card so you can refer back to it. These readings do not require interaction and can be sent to you anytime (generally I will send readings for all requests made that day in the late evening) via FB Message, IG message, Google Chat, Twitter message, Discord message, or email. You can also view this 1-minute video about single card readings.

What is Water Gazing?

Water gazing is an ancient technique of intuitive reading. It is from the same family as crystal balls and mirror gazing, but done in water instead. I have been doing mirror and water gazing since I was a teenager, but had not done it for several years before my priestess instructed me that I was to return to it and offer it as a service. Because water is  a natural element and one I am particularly connected to, this is a much more intense and unpredictable reading than from the cards. You will need to give me an area of your life that you want focused in on and may give me a question as well (the question is optional) to help guide me. Essentially, I gaze into the bowl of water until I am offered visions, images, and more that I then interpret for you. You will be provided a written explanation of what I saw (and in some cases, heard) that the spirits want you to know. As with intuitive card readings, please be aware that I cannot tell you what specific actions to take and will not tell you what to do. I interpret the messages so that you can make empowered and educated choices. This is not a live interactive reading because I may or may not be able to speak and I cannot type during the readings. Please also note that there may be a wait time for me to be able to do the water gazing ceremony, process it, and recover sufficiently to send you the interpretation, but it is my intention to be transparent with you about when I am able to do the ceremony and when to expect the interpretation to be sent. For this reason, I allow a seven day response from time of payment, but there are circumstances when I may need to request additional time due to my work schedule or illness.

Why does Water Gazing cost more than card readings?

Water gazing takes considerable more time for preparation beforehand and repair to myself afterward. It is a much more draining exercise than card readings that can have intense spiritual, emotional, and physical impacts on me. I also am unable to control for how much time the gazing may take to get the full interpretation. Sometimes I need to meditate or ponder quite a bit following the gaze, or even research symbols and messages to more properly make the connections necessary to write a proper interpretation for you.

Image of the water gazing set up. I hand-selected this bowl for the ritual for the ways it represents the Orisha Yemaya and for how it resembles a crystal ball. The mirrored plate below it contributes an extra layer of reflection that strengthens my visions.

Can I trust that my personal business isn’t being shared with others?

Yes. Although there is no way for me to “prove” to you that your secrets are safe with me, they absolutely are. I am not a therapist or life coach, merely an intuitive reader, but I take this work very seriously and your privacy very seriously. I do not name my clients to anyone (though if you ever feel compelled to give a testimonial I can include on this site, I am happy to do so – and happy to post it anonymously if you prefer), and I do not discuss ANYTHING about your reading with anyone else. Anything said during our appointments is sacred and completely private. This includes any information you share, what cards came up, and anything related to interpretation for you. Everything about our appointment is bound in confidentiality.

How do I schedule an intuitive reading?

Single-card readings and non-interactive readings (water gazings and multi-card readings where you do not want to have a conversation but just want the reading sent to you) do not require an appointment. For those readings, you can contact me via your preferred method/platform where you would like the reading sent (see info above).

All interactive (conversational) multi-card readings do require an appointment. These can be scheduled via Calendly, and I have included the link next to each type of reading (it will open in a separate window if you are on a computer) to schedule the amount of time needed for that type of reading. You MUST specify the deck and specific type of reading when scheduling (this must be done in the final step of scheduling – you can paste or type the deck & specific type of reading into the box labeled “Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting”), and it allows you to select which remote access system you would like your interactive appointment to be at. Please also see this tutorial on how to schedule with Calendly that walks you through the process with photos and text. It is not difficult, but it is extremely important that you provide me with all the necessary information to prepare for your appointment. *Please note, the links next to the readings are based on the TIME needed for the type of reading, but they do not correspond to the deck/type of reading. You MUST always specify the deck & type of reading in that final step of scheduling. Please do review the tutorial if you have not scheduled a reading with me through Calendly before or have not done so in some time to ensure you do it correctly. Directions are also offered during the first step on Calendly, so please read them carefully. It is imperative that you give me the necessary information to serve you.

Can I gift an intuitive reading? 

Yes! Gifts of intuitive readings are possible. My new policy is that when you purchase a gift for others, it is your responsibility to inform them of the gift, however. In the past, people have asked me to contact their loved one and offer my services. It is not a best practice for people in my industry to offer our services unsolicited, as this is a common form of predatory behavior and scams. For people receiving a gift, it is difficult to determine if the gift is legitimate or if they are being contacted by a scammer.

Therefore, my policy is that you must inform your loved one of the gift. I will provide you with my website and a unique gift code for your loved one to include in the notes section when setting up their appointment to alert me that they are making use of their gift. You can select a dollar amount you are willing to pay and inform them of that amount, so they are then able to choose what reading they want within that dollar amount or pay for a higher price by sending the difference.

I will no longer be contacting your loved ones to encourage them to redeem their gift, however. Think of it similar to giving them a gift card to a brick & mortar store, and how a store does not chase down the recipient to find out if they ever plan to use the card.

What do previous/current clients say about your services?

You can read testimonials/statements from previous clients. The page will be updated as more statements are offered. If you have used my services and would like to contribute a statement, please email it to me, along with exactly how you prefer to be identified (full name, first name, initials, anonymous, etc.) at

What are the guarantees you offer? 

I can only promise you:

  • I will be honest with you about what I see. I am not going to lie to you, give you only comforting words, or hide warnings that I see in the cards. I have a responsibility to speak truthfully to you.
  • That said, my readings are empowering, and overwhelmingly you should leave the reading feeling at peace and ready to take on your situation. My readings are not based in shame, fear, or negative energy.
  • I will not tell you what you should do or manipulate you into taking any action. Your decisions for how to use the information I provide are entirely your own.
  • I will hold your emotions in a sacred space, where you are free to express yourself (in non-abusive ways) and be vulnerable if you choose to.
  • Your identity, contact information, and everything related to services I provided to you will be held in confidence.

I can NOT promise you:

  • That you will agree with my interpretation.
  • That you will get a clear-cut answer that tells you exactly what action to take, how, and when.
  • That you will get the answer you wanted to hear.
  • That you will find the reading relevant, especially if you came in with an intent to get confirmation of what you want and the answer is not what you wanted to hear.
  • That I won’t see and have insight into areas you hadn’t intended to ask about. I do not have control over the force that provides me information.
  • That you will like anything I have to share with you.
  • That the decisions you take based on the information I provide will always be entirely successful or get you the result you hoped for.

In short, the only guarantee is that I will behave according to a code of ethics and integrity with you. That code includes that I am doing nothing to “bewitch” or manipulate you, I am honoring your privacy, I will give you your money’s worth, and I intend for you to finish your reading feeling empowered, inspired, and supported to take control of your own life.

🧿 Contact: Aaminah Shakur

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