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About Me: I am a multi-racial (Indigenous/Black/white) and multi-cultural transracial adoptee who benefits greatly from having light-skinned/assumed-white privileges in a racist society. I have never been higher than lowest middle class in my life. I am Queer (gender & sexuality) and Crip/Disabled. I am a freelance writer, editor, consultant, and intuitive, as well as an artist, poet, culture critic, and art historian.

Services offered are outlined below in detail, including rates. Services include:

  • Artist & Gallery Support Services
  • Disability Accessibility Services (Written Image Descriptions, Audio-to-Text Transcriptions)
  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility Consulting
  • Editing & Reviewing (Copyediting, Content Reviews, Sensitivity Reading)
  • Intuitive Services (Tarot & Goddess Inspiration readings)
  • Workshops & Classes

For all services, contact:

Artist & Gallery Support Services:

Artist Support:  Written artist bios & overarching body of work statement / show statements $250, 1 page of 12 pt text. 

Gallery Support: Research and writing of artist bios, show statements, individual tags for works. Base rate of $75 per hour. Additional rates may be added dependent on specifics of need, including time frame for completion. 

Disability Accessibility Services:

Image Descriptions: Comprehensive text descriptions to accompany images for online use, including websites, e-journals, blogs, and social media, etc. Image descriptions provide visually impaired people access to the images you include on your site because the descriptions can be read by text-reading software. In the simplest terms, an image description “paints a picture in words” of the photo, artwork, or other image used.

Description rates vary from $2-5 per image depending on the complexity of the image and description needed. 

Audio-to-Text Transcripts: Transcription of audio files, such as podcasts, interviews, talks, voice-over on short videos, and other audio/visual forms is one way to make your work more widely accessible to hearing impaired. It is recommended to use closed captions when working with software that allows you to do so, but sometimes those captions are unreliable, and in other cases captions aren’t an option.

This service is also recommended for conceptual artists who work with audio via video or other audio files as a part of your exhibition. As a working artist and gallery assistant myself, I understand the importance of your vision in the form you have conceived of it, and will respect that. I can help you to also provide a transcription of your audio work that galleries, museums, and non-traditional show spaces can have on hand in print or wall text to make your work accessible for those who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, struggle to filter through ambient/other noise in the space, or who simply struggle to understand the audio clearly for another reason.

There are two base rates for this service:

  1. Full transcription rate is $35 per hour, minimum 1 hour charge. It typically takes about 1 hour to properly transcribe 15-20 minutes of audio content, though it can vary depending on the complexity and quality of the audio file. My transcriptions include an attention to detail, but can also remove extraneous “um”/”ah”/repetitiveness/other unnecessary aspects if desired.
  2. Review and corrections to existing captions/transcription are $20 per hour, minimum 1 hour charge (think of this as me editing existing text, hence why the rate is lower and matches my copyediting rates.)

Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility Consulting:

$50 an hour for consultations, not including review; $50 for a diversity or accessibility review of your organization/physical space, which is one hour of time but must include an additional one hour minimum consultation; $1,000 speaker fee for events that include up to 2 hours of involvement, additional $500 for each additional hour, plus travel and other costs if applicable must be arranged in advance. All costs will be outlined in a contract.

I am happy to provide consulting services to individuals and organizations who are looking to figure out how to outreach to more diverse audiences, staff, or partners, as well as how to make events or spaces more accessible for a variety of disabilities. I specialize in the following areas, but can address broader concerns as well:

  • How race and class intersect and how to make a place, event, or organization welcoming to diverse people
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Body Acceptance and Fat positivity
  • How to respect religious/spiritual differences, with a specialization in inclusiveness of Muslims and “pagan” spiritualities
  • How to attract diverse applicants, volunteers, and participants
  • How to make your venue, office, or event accessible to people with physical, mental, or other disabilities
  • Issues around gentrification and how artists sometimes contribute to it
  • Cultural appropriation – what it is, what it is not, and how it harms

Editing & Reviewing: 

Copyediting & Content Reviews: Base rate of $20 per hour, minimum 1 hour charge, PLUS Copyediting is $4 per 12 pt standard font typed page. Content editing is $6 per 12 pt standard font typed page. Content reviews are $6 per 12 pt standard font typed page, and if editing services are needed beyond that it adds hours. 

Sensitivity Reader: These services involve reading/reviewing text when an author or editor wishes to be sure it is presenting accurate, non-offensive information about marginalized communities. My areas of expertise in this regard are Indigenous/Native American issues, Muslim issues (particularly from the perspective of a convert), Witch/Hoodoo Practitioner issues, Multi-cultural/multi-racial issues, Disability issues (including mental health), Polyamorous relationship issues, Single parenting issues, and LGBTQ issues with a focus on Bisexual, Non-Binary, & Two-Spirit identities. Sensitivity reading is NOT the same as actually editing, it is more of a heads up, but it is very intense and required me to read through hurtful things, and then professionally and with detail explain to you what was hurtful about them, so my rates are based on the physical/intellectual work combined with the emotional labor. If the writing is good and does not require a lot of advice to “fix” areas that were offensive, stereotypical, or otherwise hurtful, I will still provide you with additional insight and background that can help you when you are editing (and in future writing) to give you a knowledge base.

Sensitivity reading rates begin at $75 for every 2,000 words of reading involved. That covers the reading and an emailed explanation of all areas that I have thoughts/suggestions regarding. If you need additional discussion beyond that, a base hourly rate of $35 will go into effect with a minimum 1 hour charge. 

Intuitive Services:

Includes Tarot and Goddess Inspiration card readings. See page for details HERE


Workshops and classes vary and therefore prices vary. Please contact if you are interested in hosting a workshop or class or if you are organizing an event and would like a workshop/class designed for it.



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