Testimonials from Clients

Turquoise background. Text reads "This is not what I want to hear, but it is what I needed to hear. You got to the heart of the issue & made me face it. You told me in a way that I can hear it. Thank you." - a common client comment

"I received an intuitive reading at a time of upheaval in my life & creative process. Aaminah did my reading via FB messenger. I received a picture of each card, an explanation of what they meant, & where each card fit into a specific place in the question I asked. Aaminah was very patient with my interruptions & questions, explaining what they could & leaving me to use the information as needed. Highly recommended for people at a crossroad or just anyone who needs a bit of clarity." Sumayyah Talibah, Inkster MI

"Aaminah's gift is truly special. Their intuitive readings have helped ground me & give me insight, comfort, & peace. Not only are the readings themselves amazing (I love the Goddess deck), Aaminah is a talented, compassionate reader. They are completely focused & attentive to your needs during the session. I keep coming back because I look to intuitive readings for direction, for strength, & for peace. Thank you for this amazing service!!!" Yazhi Smith, New Braunfels TX

"Aaminah is a treasure. A sensitive, experienced reader, Aaminah can give a nuanced reading from a distance as if they were in my own living room. Aaminah thoughtfully & thoroughly clarified the finer points of my reading, allowing me a precise window into a critical time in my life. I highly recommend Aaminah anytime you might need a spiritual tune-up." D.B., Brooklyn NY

"Do yourself a favor & get a reading done. Not tomorrow, not later, but now. If you're curious like I was & experiencing lots of changes and confusion, this is what you need. Aaminah's reading blew me away. The cards zeroed in on the heart of the matter & Aaminah pieced things in a way that really refocused things for me. Sometimes we all need another voice to reframe things, & I have been moving forward since then." R., Florida

"My tarot reading with Aaminah was life-affirming. It's amazing how you can know someone for years & not know the extent of their spiritual gifts. I bought the session just to support a friend but it was worth every penny in the peace & clarity it brought me. If you're wondering whether you should try their tarot readings, the answer is yes!" N., USA

"After making a life-changing decision, an intuitive reading by Aaminah Shakur left me feeling more at ease. My experience with Aaminah was very positive & healing. Over Facebook Messenger, they thoroughly explained the meaning of each card & gave very insightful interpretations. I highly recommend their services." Layla Beth-Mehnish, New Jersey

"Just had a reading done with Aaminah. On point. Nice to have that intuition validated. If you're looking for an intuitive tarot reading I highly recommend!" Rosa, Oakland CA

"I just had the most life-affirming (which is to say, the most clarifying, no holds barred, truthiest of truths delivered) intuitive Tarot reading done by the brilliant Aaminah Shakur. If you are sitting with questions, quiet or loud, rattling around inside of you, I highly recommend you contact Aaminah for your own reading." Mia Amir, Vancouver

"I'm not a particularly spiritual person, but I needed some guidance about some challenges I'm facing & thought I would try a Goddess intuitive reading from Aaminah. It was so very helpful! Aaminah's insights helped me to clear my head & focus on what was really going on & how I could tackle it instead of letting my emotions run wild. I really appreciated the perspective & thoughtfulness they brought to the process. Thanks, Aaminah!" Elisa, Arlington VA

"My intuitive reading with Aaminah provided a lot of clarity on something weighing on my heart. The reading started promptly & the expectations were set very clearly from the start. I appreciated their insight & personal touches. I left the reading feeling refreshed with a clear mind. It opened my eyes in many ways I didn't even expect. I definitely will be doing more in the future." Liv Lyszyk, Grand Rapids MI

"I requested the single card draw, & I knew it would be good, already, because I know Aaminah, but I wasn't prepared for how exactly it would be, & how tailored to a question *I hadn't even asked.* I would do this every day if I could. What a beautiful affirmation of things that you already know in your heart, & how lovely to see them instantly revealed." Nadine Darling, Boston MA

"My first tarot reading ever was done by Aaminah, and it was such an affirming & clarifying experience! I recommend it to anyone. Aaminah provides such incredible care & insight - I was brought to tears in the absolute best way." Annise, USA

"I have had multiple readings from Aaminah, from full spreads to 3 card spreads and they are alway so insightful and full of depth. Whether you have a question or you want Aaminah to tune into your energies for a general reading, the results have always been confirming and affirming. I continue to value Aaminah and their ability to get at the heart of the matter." Aiesha, Brooklyn

“I have gotten several different kinds of readings from Aaminah over the last 5 years; sometimes bigger readings, and sometimes just one card. All of them have been supportive. Once when I was traveling, I paid Aaminah ahead of time to pull a card for me each day of my trip, and it was an excellent way to pause and reflect. It's well worth it to spend the money on myself and my relationships. Aaminah spends a lot of time and gives a lot of good information with every reading. I can't recommend them enough.” Ames Carpenter, Grand Rapids, MI

"I have received several card readings via Messenger from Aaminah during difficult and tumultuous times in my life. These readings have allowed for clarity in very uncertain times and gave me the confidence to pursue difficult to make decisions. Aaminah provides a very detailed and outlined reading; this coupled with their natural intuition has allowed me to navigate life a little more easily. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing any type of clarity and/or direction." Paris Lara, Grand Rapids MI


If you have used my services and would like to contribute a statement, please email it to me, along with exactly how you prefer to be identified (full name, first name, initials, anonymous, etc.) at aaminahshakur@gmail.com

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